Possible Pregnant Na’Vi in Latest ‘Avatar’ Deleted Scene

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For "Avatar" fans and Na'Vi enthusiasts
yearning for another glimpse at Pandora, you're in luck.

James Cameron releases the "Extended Collector's
Edition" of his mega-blockbuster opus this week — that's the third DVD
iteration in seven month for those keeping count. This version features a
deleted, and still unfinished, scene that puts a slightly different light on
the movie and may or may not give a clue about the upcoming sequels. See it
exclusively here on Yahoo! Movies:

The scene, which comes right at the end of the flick,
shows the Na'Vi herding the human interlopers back onto their ship. As it
rockets back to earth and the Toruk, that orange dragon-like creature, flies
off into the distance, Jake intones that the "The Time of great sorrow was
over." Cut to somewhat jerky animation of blue children gamboling in a

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"The forest
will heal," continues the narrator. "And so will the hearts of the
people. New life keeps the energy flowing like the birth of the world."

As we hear this, Jake rises from the water clutching a
fish, sees Neytiri, his bonded brain-braid soul mate, and places a hand on her

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Are we to infer that Neytiri is pregnant? It sure does
look like it. If she is pregnant, does this mean that that Jakesully's
offspring will be the center of the other two movies in the "Avatar"
trilogy? Whatever the answers, Cameron is reportedly keeping his mouth shut on
the matter.

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