Playing Lois Lane in ‘Man of Steel’ intimidates Amy Adams – but that would never stop her!

Thelma Adams
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"The Master" star Amy Adams has big shoes to fill when she steps into the perky pumps of Lois Lane in "Man of Steel," the upcoming "Superman" reboot slated for 2013, opposite Henry Cavill as the superhero from Krypton. "It was intimidating," Adams told Yahoo! while in Toronto for the film festival, "because it was played before by Margot Kidder, whom I love. One of my favorite movies growing up was 'Superman' -- and 'Superman 2.' I was kind of a nerd, I loved them so much."

Like her gutsy characters in "The Master" and "The Fighter," for which she was nominated for an Oscar, Adams happily takes on another confident female in Lane. Adams agreed that "The Daily Planet" reporter -- and Superman love interest -- can be seen as an extension of "The Front Page" and Rosalind Russell's big-shouldered women. "Absolutely," said Adams, who has yet to see the final cut. "It was fun and it was also important to create a character that was new because I thought Kidder was perfect."

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Topping perfection is no easy task. But Adams would never let the past overshadow the present, as she proved by besting Hilary Swank's fusty Amelia when she played the icon Amelia Earhart in "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian." And while she acknowledged that "it's hard to step into a role where you thought someone had already achieved what could be achieved," she added, "but coming from theater you're always stepping into a role that's been done before, so you're always excited about it."

It's notable that Adams shifts effortlessly from screen to stage, having charmed New York audiences at the Delacorte Theatre for her star turn as the baker's wife in Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods," one of the summer's hottest tickets.

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How did she make the role her own? Some things will remain the same. "She is definitely a pistol still," Adams told the website, "and she definitely gets herself in a lot of trouble." But there will be less head-to-head competition with fellow journalist Clark Kent and, as she told Yahoo!: "it's a totally different realization of the Superman lore. I felt free in that way because I wasn't trying to emulate any sort of banter that had been established by Christopher Reeve and Kidder. I was given a lot of permission to create a new character."

As hard as it may be to follow in Kidder's footsteps, "Man of Steel" star Cavill may have the bigger challenge donning Reeve's boots. And what about Russell Crowe, whose performance as Jor-El takes place in the ample shadow of method-acting great Marlon Brando? Stay-tuned!

See the teaser trailer for "Man of Steel":

'Man of Steel' Teaser Trailer: Jonathan Kent