Pitt and Aniston: Exes Strike Back

Mike Krumboltz
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Nothing lasts forever, especially love in Tinseltown. Stars are usually tactful when it comes to not bashing their exes in public, but every once in a while, somebody says something stupid and everyone goes bananas.

The most recent case was, of course, Brad Pitt's ill-advised comments regarding his breakup with Jennifer Aniston. Pitt originally told Parade Magazine that he "wasn't living an interesting life" while he was married to Aniston. Not surprisingly, his ex was non too pleased about the comment. Later, Pitt clarified his statement saying that his boredom was his own fault. He grew bored with himself, he said he meant.

The statements, though made weeks ago, are still causing a stir. Just recently, a reporter asked Aniston, who was attending a screening for a short film she directed, about Pitt's comments. "Oh, lord, it's not even worth discussing on a night like this," she said.

There are plenty of other examples of celebrities getting in a few jabs at their exes. Following her breakup with Tom Cruise, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman went on "The Late Show with David Letterman." Dave asked her how she was handling the split, and Kidman teased the 5'7" Cruise, saying that she can finally wear high heels.

That dig is relatively tame compared to some other instances of exes on the attack. In 2008, Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid had a public spat over their split. Ryan was portrayed in the public as a home wrecker after her fling with Russell Crowe made the papers. Later, Ryan went on the attack, claiming Quaid was unfaithful during their marriage. Quaid then stated that he finds "it unbelievable that Meg continues publicly to rehash and rewrite the story of our relationship."

Kate and Jon Gosselin brought their kids into the spat after the couple split. Kate publicly claimed that their kids didn't like staying with Jon. On "Live with Regis and Kelly," Kate remarked, "I basically wait for the phone call from how many of them want to come home."

On a lighter note, the late Britney Murphy got in a jab on ex Ashton Kutcher after the new "Two and a Half Men" star began dating Demi Moore. Decorum prohibits us from actually saying Britney's joke, but you can watch it yourself here. Should Demi and Ashton split, as is now being rumored, perhaps Demi can get in a nice goodbye jab too.

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