Patton Oswalt’s Epic ‘Star Wars’ Pitch Gets a Poster

Bryan Enk
Movie Talk

J.J. Abrams -- here is the first slide of your Power Point presentation for your Monday morning meeting.

Most of you have probably already watched the video of Patton Oswalt passionately and intricately outlining the future of the "Star Wars" franchise via an eight-minute ad-libbed rant made on the set of "Parks and Recreation." In his geek monologue to end all geek monologues, Oswalt envisioned a "Star Wars: Episode VII" that not only continued the adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo but also included characters from the Marvel Universe, the Marvel characters that Marvel itself doesn't own (like Spider-Man and Daredevil) and even some gods n' monsters from "Clash of the Titans."

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It's a truly stunning vision, one that shapes what would possibly be the Last Movie Ever Made. Really, if such a grand motion picture actually came to life, where in the hell could Hollywood hope to go from there?

Well, as they often say in Tinseltown, "after the pitch comes the poster," and the Photoshop wizards at have taken their first step into a larger world -- one where Patton Oswalt's proposed plotline might become a reality.

Really, this is something that would make even longtime genre poster artist Drew Struzan (look him up -- you know his work and know it well) green with professional envy. It's all here -- the striking centered portrait of Marvel supervillain Thanos (who, remember, has the Infinity Gauntlet) flanked by Iron Man and Boba Fett to emphasize their strikingly similar costumes. You've also got Marvel A-lister Moon Knight, Chewbacca's floating severed head (which is destined to be connected to a spider robot body) and a cuckolded Han Solo. And Wolverine. And Nick Fury. And everything!

The next step is, of course, somebody conjuring a video mashup of Oswalt's proposed film using existing footage from the characters (such as there is). Heck, that somebody could even be you.