‘Paranormal Activity 4′: See the first photo and vote to get a screening in your city

Movie TalkAugust 24, 2012
Paranormal Activity 4
Paranormal Activity 4

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Look out behind you! More "Paranormal Activity" is coming soon.

Four years after the first movie became a surprise hit thanks to a groundswell of interest from fans online, "Paranormal Activity 4" will be haunting theaters on October 19 of this year.  But if that's too long for you to wait, you'll have to speak up.

Head over to Facebook.com/ParanormalActivity and click the "Want It" button.  This will recognize your location and put in a vote for your city to get to see "Paranormal Activity 4" before anyone else does.  The top 25 cities that earn the most votes will get a free early screening before the movie is released.  You can see in real time where your location ranks, and send reminders to your Facebook friends to get them to vote as well.

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