Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan unhappily together again in ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Bryan Enk
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Carey Mulligan
Carey Mulligan

Well, at least it looks like there aren't any drug-deals-gone-horribly-wrong in this one.

Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan once again find themselves caught in a bad romance in "Inside Llewyn Davis," the new drama from Joel and Ethan Coen that just released its first trailer as part of an invitation to the film's debut screening next month hosted by Nonesuch Records and T-Bone Burnett.

Isaac and Mulligan were first seen in an unhappy relationship as a troubled married couple in Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive," with Isaac as a convict who's forced back into a life of crime after he's released from prison, with tragic results (though set to an awesome soundtrack). You'd think that would've left Mulligan free to smooch Ryan Gosling with reckless abandon, but that didn't work out, either. Life is hard, folks.

Misery looks a little more upbeat in "Inside Llewyn Davis," which features Isaac as a folk singer trying to make it in New York's Greenwich Village music scene in the 1960s and a dark-haired Mulligan as his ex-ladylove who, according to the trailer, really sees the wandering musician as a prime reason for practicing rather extreme methods of anti-reproduction. It doesn't look like anyone's going to get shot in this one, but geez, words can sometimes hurt more than bullets (well, not really, but ... you know).

"Inside Llewyn Davis" looks like something of a companion piece to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" with its emphasis on music as an essential part of the narrative, though the humorous yet melancholy tone recalls "A Serious Man" more than the filmmakers' often goofy Depression-era take on Homer's "The Odyssey." "Llewyn" also has a connection to "O Brother" as it marks the first Coen Brothers outing for John Goodman since he got crushed by a giant fiery wooden cross.

The rest of the featured cast join Isaac and Mulligan as Coen first-timers, including Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund (who worked with The Dude himself in "TRON: Legacy"), Alex Karpovsky, Max Casella, Adam Driver and F. Murray Abraham as the man who might hold the key to Davis finding success ... and, more importantly, himself.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" has yet to land a distributor, though we doubt it will take long for some lucky company to snatch it up. It's the Coen Brothers, after all.

Watch the trailer for "Inside Llewyn Davis" (includes adult language):