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Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Are Starring in a Movie That’s Getting Buried

The Projector

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Are Starring in a Movie That’s Getting Buried

Millennium Films

While we root for Nicolas Cage's comeback in projects with writer-director Charlie Kaufman and John Cusack, we realize that he's got a long way to go before he can outrun all the bad movies and bad financial decisions he's made recently. Take for instance "Trespass," a movie we didn't even know existed 10 minutes ago. But it does, and it co-stars Nicole Kidman and is directed by Joel Schumacher. It'll come out in mid-October, and then it'll be on DVD by the beginning of November. And then you'll never hear of it again.

Movieline discovered a poster that Millennium Films (which is putting out the movie) unveiled last week. Think about that for a second: There's a poster for an upcoming thriller starring two Oscar-winners, and it took the Internet a whole week to find out about it. That's the way to bury something.

Here's how IMDb describes "Trespass": "As they're held for ransom, a husband and wife's predicament grows more dire amid the discovery of betrayal and deception." Nothing inherently bad with that logline, but like a lot of Millennium projects ("Righteous Kill," "88 Minutes," "Brooklyn's Finest") it sounds like a rather generic B-movie thriller that happens to have a big star or two. (Actually, Millennium has handled a few Cage pictures, including "The Wicker Man" and the "Bad Lieutenant" remake.)

The poster says that "Trespass" will be coming out October 14, but then apparently the movie will head to DVD on November 1. Schumacher has worked with both of these stars before: Cage on "8mm" and Kidman on "Batman Forever." Those movies seem like a long time ago. "When Terror Is At Your Doorstep You Can Run Or You Can Fight," reads the tagline on the "Trespass" poster. It sounds like the film's distributor has chosen a third option: hide and pretend it never happened.

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Millennium Films

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