NFL draft: Compensatory picks announced; four teams land extra third-rounders

Eric Edholm
Shutdown Corner

The 2014 NFL draft order is now completely set.

The NFL announced Monday the addition of the 32 compensatory picks, which are allotted to teams that suffered a net loss in free agency a year ago. The picks are rewarded based on a complex, arcane formula derived on the compensatory free agents' salaries and playing time in their first seasons with their new teams.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers have added additional third-round picks in the 2014 NFL draft, picks Nos. 97-100 overall. For example, the Steelers lost free agents Keenan Lewis, Rashard Mendenhall, Ryan Mundy, Mike Wallace a year ago, and signed only Bruce Gradkowski, and thus they were deemed to have a net loss worth a third-round pick. The Steelers also earned fifth- and sixth-round compensatory picks this season.

Players who were cut by their former teams prior to hitting free agency and signed by new teams do not count toward the compensatory equation.

The Ravens and New York Jets received four picks apiece, the most handed out this season. The Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Steelers all received three picks each. The Ravens (41) have had the most compensatory picks since the format was introduced in 1994. The Cleveland Browns, which received none this year, have accumulated only six total in 20 years.

The 49ers now will own six of the top 100 picks in the draft. The Ravens had only four picks prior to Monday but now will have eight total.

The 32 additional selections, which are allotted to the 16 teams through Rounds 3-7, are tacked on at the ends of the respective rounds. They cannot be traded. Here's a full list of the picks:

NFL team Round Overall selection
Steelers 3 97
Packers 3 98
Ravens 3 99
49ers 3 100
Lions 4 133
Ravens 4 134
Texans 4 135
Lions 4 136
Jets 137 
Ravens 138 
Falcons  139 
Patriots  140 
Steelers  173 
Giants 174 
Ravens  175 
Packers  176 
Jets  209 
Jets 210 
Texans  211 
Bengals  212 
Jets  213 
Rams  214 
Steelers  215 
Cowboys  248 
Rams  249 
Rams  250 
Cowboys  251 
Bengals  252 
Falcons  253 
Cowboys  254 
Falcons  255 
Texans  256 


The next Tom Brady could be among them. Brady, Brian Dawkins and Larry Allen are just a few examples of former compensatory picks who made it big.

And yes, Texans fans, in addition to owning the first overall selection, you also will be picking Mr. Irrelevant this year. Congrats on being bestowed that honor.

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