For His Next Trick, James Franco Will Direct Your Trip To Branson

The Projector
Guns. Theo Wargo/
Guns. Theo Wargo/

In his terrific profile of James Franco for New York Magazine last year, Sam Anderson (now with The New York Times Magazine) came away impressed less with the quality of James Franco's work than its quantity. Here's the money quote: "Plenty of actors dabble in side projects -- rock bands, horse racing, college, veganism -- but none of them, and maybe no one else in the history of anything, anywhere, seems to approach extracurricular activities with the ferocity of Franco." The man is so restless that he constantly working on every project known to humanity, apparently all at once.

More news of Franco projects hit today: He's reported to be interested in adapting William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. Both of them. From scripts that he adapted.

Add this to ... well, add this to the rest of them. We're sure we're missing some -- perhaps he is working on a short film on his iPhone about what it's like to ride alone in elevator for 41 seconds as we speak -- but, best we can tell, here is everything Franco has in the hopper.

*** "As I Lay Dying" (directing, writing)
*** "Saturday Night" (directing)
*** "The Broken Tower" (directing, writing, acting)
*** "Your Highness" (acting)
*** "The 83rd Academy Awards" (co-hosting, maybe winning)
*** "The Iceman" (acting)
*** "General Hospital" ("acting")
*** "Untitled Sal Mineo Project" (directing, writing)
*** "Blood Meridian" (directing, writing)
*** "Rise Of The Apes" (acting)
*** "Maladies" (acting)

Also, he's prepping an art show and writing another book. We know the "James Franco is so busy" story has been beaten to death, but seriously now: It's time to stop humoring him. Even if James Franco weren't stretched shockingly thin at this point, there's no way he's directing versions of "As I Lay Dying" and "Blood Meridian." We kind of think he just likes to get himself written about. He's doing an excellent job of it. That's sort of a job in itself. Another one.

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