News Show in ‘Morning Glory’ Almost as Awkward as Real Life

Eugene Blackburn
Movie Talk

In the new movie "Morning Glory," a young morning TV talk show producer (Rachel McAdams) finds herself caught between two battling anchors. One is Colleen Peck, played by Diane Keaton, a perky host who has been on the show forever. The other is Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), a crotchety Mike Wallace-style reporter who has won every journalism award under the sun and has the ego to prove it. In this clip, the inevitable rivalry between these two boils over on live TV.

Screw-ups like this might seem like the stuff that comes from the imagination of Hollywood screenwriters, but as they say, fact is stranger (and sometimes funnier) than fiction. Take this example where some long held acrimony between Jim Ryan, the anchor for NY Good Day, and reporter Dick Oliver erupted on air in one memorable, if cringe-worthy, exchange:

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There are just a staggering amount of news bloopers on the internet from squabbles to obscenity-laced rants, much of which we can't publish. (If you're interested, though, Bill O'Reilly's freak-out is hilarious.) Below we have a few oldies but goodies, ranging from a weatherman with an issue with insects, an anchorwoman with giggles, and a real live fire in the newsroom.

"Morning Glory," with all of its newsroom hijinx, opens on Wednesday, November 10.

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