11 Music Stars Whose First Tweets Are, Ahem, Not Completely Boring

Tiffany Lee
Yahoo Music

All right, everyone, we get that Justin Bieber and Katy Perry's #FirstTweets are totally whatever. It makes sense that the very first tweet they send out would be a marketing message. But there are plenty of singers and musicians who joined the social media platform on their own, or at least typed out their first tweet themselves, misspellings and all.

We've gathered the inaugural blasts of some of our favorite artists that were utterly real and in no way promotional. Twitter is all about getting to know these celebrities personally, and for these music stars, we can totally see their personalities in their first tweets.


1. #lol #simple


2. #haiBB #gotchu


3. #ohgirl


4. #wat #contextplz


5. #loveumoar


6. #faaaaabulous


7. #nomercy


8. #ugoodnow #twitpic


9. #nsfw


10. #aww #itsok



In other news, check out the first tweets of Yahoo Music peeps Dave DiMartino, Lyndsey Parker, Billy Johnson Jr. and yours truly, Tiffany Lee.

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