MTV Proves Will Ferrell’s A Scream In Movie Awards Promo

Mark Deming
Movie Talk

MTV wants to remind you Will Ferrell is a comedy genius, and he yells a lot. Really, a lot.

Funnyman Ferrell will be receiving the first ever Comedic Genius Award at the MTV Movie Awards this coming Sunday, April 14. And as MTV pays tribute to the career of the former "Saturday Night Live" cast member turned A-list box office draw, they've turned to the folks at Nextmovie to sum up the man's career in 90 seconds, and the result is a video that captures the very best of Ferrell shouting his head off.

Warning: Some harsh language

You get Ferrell screaming in his underwear and beating the snot out of a folding chair in "Old School." Ferrell bellowing with freakish hair in "Zoolander." Ferrell as Ron Burgundy howling in a phone booth in "Anchorman." Ferrell spitting incomprehensible stuff about boobs in "The Campaign." Ferrell shrieking with excitement in "Elf." And much, much more!

You even get some actual recognizable dialogue along the way, such as, "You keep your liver-spotted hands off my beautiful mother! She's a saint!" "Not like my old man, I'm a kind, gentle and compassionate human being with a heart as big as a lion!" And, of course, "I invented the piano key necktie! I invented it!"

And in case that doesn't offer enough proof for you of Ferrell's ability to generate a healthy laugh, they've also released a promotional infographic, "The Ferrell Wheel." The wheel provides a circular timeline to Ferrell's film career with mug shots and quotes from his best-known movies, from "Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery" in 1997 to the "Anchorman" sequel that's currently being shot.

This being the MTV Movie Awards, the highlight reel and the infographic miss the high points of Ferrell's work on TV and for the Internet, so no "More Cowbell!" or George W. Bush. But if want a reminder of why Ferrell is still a major comedy star eighteen years after he started on "SNL," this will do nicely. Just remember your earplugs.