Most Memorable Oscar Speeches

Mike Krumboltz
Coverage of The 84th Annual Academy Awards®

Consider the Oscar speech. Do a great job and you'll be remembered for years. Do an awful job and you'll be remembered forever. We tracked down five of the most memorable Oscar speeches from years past. Some speeches are charming. Others are self-congratulatory. One features an impromptu make-out session. Another involves a daring climb across seats. Pull up a seat and watch 'em all, and be sure to watch the 84th Academy Awards show on February 26 on ABC.

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When Adrien Brody won the Oscar in 2003 for his role in "The Pianist," he surprised presenter Halle Berry with a ripe kiss on the lips. Nobody remembers what he said, but everybody remembers that moment of pure joy.

And speaking of Halle Berry -- the stunning star made her own emotional speech in 2002 after winning the best-actress award for "Monster's Ball."

No discussion of Oscar speeches would be complete without a mention of Sally Field. When Field won for "Places in the Heart" in 1985, she announced to the academy, "You like me! You really like me!" Nearly two decades later, the phrase is still widely mocked.

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