Montage: The Best Horror Movie Screams

Movie Talk

What would Halloween be without a good horror-movie fright?  The good people at put together a little video montage of some of the best movie screams in cinema.

Janet Leigh's scream in "Psycho" is probably the best known. After all, the folks who first watched the movie didn't even know they were watching the "Citizen Kane" of slasher flicks. They thought they were watching a movie about a woman who stole a pile of money from work. When Anthony Perkins starts stabbing Leigh the shower, her screams were, no doubt, matched with the audience's.  In "Halloween,"  Janet Leigh's daughter Jamie Leigh Curtis shows that being Scream Queen is hereditary. Also in the mix is Neve Campbell facing down Ghostface from "Scream," Shelley Duvall cowering as Jack Nicholson goes to town on a door in "The Shining," and Donald Sutherland looking more creepy than normal in "Don't Look Back." Who else is there? Click ahead and find out...if you dare.