All ‘Mirror Mirror’ Is Missing Is the Singing Birds

Will Leitch
The Projector

Director Tarsem (and he'll always just be Tarsem to us) has said, in contrast to the "Snow White and the Huntsman" movie (with its swords and fighting and darkness), he wants his Snow White movie to be "sweet." ("If it's going to be sweet, I want it to be sweet.") With the "Mirror Mirror" trailer released yesterday, he sure does have that. It is awfully sweet.

Whether you find that sweetness tasty is up to your particularly, uh, taste for this sort of business. Some observers have found it too campy, but after that strangely super-serious trailer for the other Snow White, we'll confess to appreciating the fact that a few people in this trailer actually, you know, smile. It is a Snow White movie, after all. Plus, it has Julia Roberts playing a vain "aging" evil queen in full-on scenery-chewing mode, Armie Hammer's suddenly apparent nimble timing and Tarsem's eye for crazy visuals. It's obviously early in the Great Competing Snow White Movie War Of 2012, but right now, we're going with "Mirror Mirror."

Also: Great Competing Snow White Movie War Of 2012, what's it really good for, absolutely nothin', say it again, Great Competing Snow White Movie War Of 2012, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh.