Minimalist Romantic Movie Posters – Day 1: Iconic Looks

Jayme Perry/Yahoo! Movies
Movie Talk

Movie posters today are depressingly similar. They're all digitally composited headshots of the film's stars on blue and orange backgrounds. And since they all look alike, none of the posters say anything about what actually is in the movie.

That's why minimalist movie posters have become so popular on the web. Designers make their own artwork for their favorite films by distilling the entire running time down to one simple image. If you look online you'll find remarkable creations for sci-fi, cult, and other genre films. But we had to ask, "Where's the romance?"

In honor of Valentine's Day next Monday, we have put together a whole series of minimalist movie posters for some of our favorite romantic movies. Each day we'll feature three posters with one common theme. Today it's "Iconic Looks," images based on a signature piece of clothing from classic romantic comedies. Check back with us every day this week to see more posters.


Download a printable version of the 'Pretty Woman' poster >>


Download a printable version of the 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' poster >>


Download a printable version of the 'Bridget Jones's Diary' poster >>