Milla Jovovich Is Gonna Mess Summit Up If ‘Three Musketeers’ Tanks

Tim Grierson
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We're very lucky to have a supportive wife who has stuck with us through thick and thin. To have someone in your life who's got your back no matter what, well, it's a special thing. We suspect director Paul W.S. Anderson probably knows where we're coming from. The director of "Alien vs. Predator" and "Mortal Kombat" is married to Milla Jovovich, who's been the star of his "Resident Evil" franchise. She's also in his new "Three Musketeers," which may bomb this weekend. If that happens, though, Jovovich knows whose fault it is: the film's distributor, Summit. And now she's taken to Twitter to call them out.

Vulture noticed that Jovovich started tweeting her dissatisfaction around 8 a.m. Eastern time. It actually started off all innocently...

But soon after, she started getting testy...

And so that got her thinking...

Finally, she locked onto her target and fired...

She then encouraged fans to tweet at Summit's handle to let them know how annoyed they were that the studio was focusing more tweets toward the new "Twilight" than they were "Three Musketeers."

With around 825,000 followers, Jovovich is one of those fun celebrity tweeters who's clearly happy to talk about this, that and the other online. For what it's worth, three out of Summit's last four tweets (as of this writing) are about "Three Musketeers," although that's over the span of three days. Whoever runs the Summit twitter must be busy with other stuff: They've only tweeted a total of 283 times. They may have to find a free moment to do some more tweeting in the next few hours and days if they don't want to incur more of Jovovich's wrath. We're excited to see how this develops: It's been days since we had a good Hollywood Twitter feud.

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