Miley's Teaming Up with Marc Jacobs for Her Bangerz Tour—Will She Be Debuting a New Look?

Teen Vogue

by Casey Lewis

Miley Cyrus and Marc Jacobs are quite the besties these days. Just last week, she popped up in his spring campaign, and now it's been announced that he'll design costumes for her much-hyped tour, which kicks off next month. Don't expect her to wear head-to-toe MJ, though-if you'll recall, Miley never really wears head-to-toe anything. She's also teaming up with The Blonds and Jeremy Scott for on-stage ensembs, and plans to rock archive pieces from the legendary Bob Mackie, too.

Courtesy of Getty Images
Courtesy of Getty Images

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In every performance we've seen from Bangerz-era Miley, she's worn a very similar outfit. Her signature attire of late is a bra top and briefs, usually accessorized with lots and lots of bling and occasionally some sort of eye-catching pattern (do you remember the cats? Of course you remember the cats!).

Which makes us wonder what kinds of looks these designers will be whipping up for the pop provocateur. Will there be sequins? Fur? Felines? Guess we'll just have to wait and see how Marc Jacobs works his magic.

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Seriously, have you ever seen her look as fab as she does in the spring campaign below?!

Miley Cyrus via Instagram
Miley Cyrus via Instagram

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