Mila Kunis’ welcomed distraction: drooling British fan/reporter

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Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

A lot can happen in the few minutes media outlets are allowed with actors at crowded movie press junkets. During a recent interview with Mila Kunis, one intrepid British radio reporter may have proven that you can get a lot more out of a star if you simply entertain them.

Chris Stark, who was on assignment for the Scott Mills radio show, went way off script when he interviewed Kunis during a press day for "Oz the Great and Powerful" -- asking her to be his date to a June wedding, listing out his mates' odd nicknames, asking her if she ever "drops trou," and regaling her with drinking stories from his local Watford pub.

Kunis, who said she was "deathly ill" that day, couldn't have been more pleased with the unexpected distraction and, surprisingly, revealed a lot about herself to him -- including the fact that she used to bartend. (When did Kunis, who has been acting regularly since she was a kid, have time for that?)

When Stark threatened to get it together, Kunis quickly jumped in. "This is the best interview I've had today," the 29-year-old actress said, urging him to continue the inanity. "I'm begging you. Yes. Yes."

At one point Stark described his favorite drink: Lad Bombs comprised of Jägermeister and a "double vodka-Red Bull." "Sounds disgusting," Kunis said, adding that she may join Stark and his buddies if they agree to buy her one.

The video is making the rounds online and Stark couldn't be more surprised, tweeting:

And later, after sharing media coverage of his viral video:

Here are the exclusive Kunis gems Stark unearthed during their unconventional interview:

  • Mila Kunis was on "Baywatch" twice. "Once I played a young girl that runs to get help because her classmates are drowning. And the second time I played a blind girl who gets lost in the forest... Yeah. Fact," the "Oz" actress said.
  • Her favorite beer is Blue Moon.
  • She plans to go to Brazil next year.
  • Kunis used to bartend (she said).
  • She can pour a pint with no foam.

"Oz the Great and Powerful" enters theaters this weekend.

Watch Mila Kunis In 'Oz the Great and Powerful' Clip:

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