Megan Fox, Albert Brooks, FINALLY Together On ‘Knocked Up’ Sequel

The Projector
She barely looks like a human being. Lester Cohen/
She barely looks like a human being. Lester Cohen/

Megan Fox went from "Transformers" pinup girl to direct-to-DVD ingenue so quickly we didn't even notice it happened; it seems odd to even obliquely refer to her as a star. But she's finding career refuge in the unlikeliest of places: Comedy.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Fox is in talks for a major role in Judd Apatow's upcoming, as-of-yet untitled "Knocked Up" spinoff comedy, which he will write and direct. The film features Paul Rudd's and Leslie Mann's characters from the initial smash hit. Fox's role is undetermined, but it'll end up being her second comedy in a row; she's currently filming "Friends With Kids," co-starring with Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig and Adam Scott in a film directed by "Kissing Jessica Stein"'s Jennifer Westfeldt (Hamm's longtime companion).

Also showing up in the "Knocked Up" spinoff: Albert Brooks, who is lined up to play Rudd's father. Brooks and Apatow are a logical fit. Apatow is clearly trying to set himself up as the next James L. Brooks, and Albert Brooks has given his best performances in James L. Brooks films, most notably "Broadcast News." Plus, this gives us hope for an on-set romance between Albert Brooks and Megan Fox, because we can't think of a person on earth more of a polar opposite from Brian Austin Green than Albert Brooks.

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