Matthew McConaughey, Still Totally Doing the “Serious Actor” Thing

Tim Grierson
The Projector

It's nice to have Matthew McConaughey back. Oh, he never went away, but the McConaughey we used to find charming -- and the one who could be a fine actor when he tried -- returned in 2011. He's darn good in "Lincoln Lawyer," and we've heard promising things about his performance in the forthcoming "Killer Joe." Next up is "Mud," from "Take Shelter" writer-director Jeff Nichols. Empire went to the set and came back with this image, which might as well be titled, "I'm so, so sorry about 'Ghosts of Girlfriend Past.'" "Mud's a dreamer," McConaughey told Empire about the title character he's playing. "He's an aristocrat of the heart." Just so long as Kate Hudson isn't in the movie.