Matt Damon’s Mysterious Abs Double

Michael Krumboltz
Movie TalkJanuary 4, 2011
Matt Damon in 'True Grit' Paramount Pictures
Matt Damon in 'True Grit' Paramount Pictures

"True Grit," directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, is garnering rave reviews and big bucks at the box office. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld all turn in impressive performances. However it's a little-known member of the crew with a curious job title that has people talking.

Stick around and watch the credits of the western remake and you'll see something that might make you choke on your popcorn. In the editorial section of the scroll, right under "Post Production Assistant," is a far more interesting job title: "Mr. Damon's Abs Double." Wait, what?

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For those who haven't seen the movie, we regret to inform you that while Matt Damon does not show his abdominal muscles (though he does rock an impressive moustache). So, is this a wacky Coen-brothers joke? Actually, it's more of a Coen kid joke. The person credited is Buster Coen, 15-year-old son of Ethan Coen.

Industry expert Scott Feinberg spoke with Damon at an event and asked about the mysterious abs double. Damon explained that Buster "had served as an assistant to the script supervisor on the set during the making of the film, but had indicated that he wanted a more important-sounding credit than that, and had apparently requested that one!"

Should Damon win an Oscar, here's hoping he doesn't forget to thank Joel, Ethan, and Buster in his acceptance speech. It'd be the classy thing to do.

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