‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Pacific Rim,’ ‘Great Gatsby’ & More Warner Bros. Films Go Big at CinemaCon

Adam Pockross
Movie Talk

The Coliseum Theater in Cesar's Palace has a colossal screen, but everything's bigger in Vegas, right? And it's a good thing too, because 'Man of Steel' is no small picture. Of course, "Pacific Rim," "The Hangover 3," and "The Great Gatsby" aren't exactly tiny.

Warner Bros. Pictures presented trailers and footage from those films and more this afternoon at CinemaCon 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, highlighting the studio's upcoming Summer movie slate and beyond.

Aside from some stuffy execs (please don't tell WB President Jeff Robinov we said so) thanking the exhibition community for their efforts, "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder, "Pacific Rim" director Guillermo del Toro, and "Hangover" director Todd Phillips were all on hand to show off their goods. Alas, "Gatsby" director Baz Lurhmann was noticeably absent, or at least he was to Phillips, who jokingly noted it "would be nice if Baz showed up." It would have also been nice if Phillips brought any new footage to show, but only the most recent trailer was offered up.

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Since he was speaking to an audience full of theater owners and the like, Snyder talked of purposefully making a movie that is meant to be seen in the theater. "The movie belongs in a cinema," said Snyder, "I wanted the movie to be a big movie experience… a 'big giant movie' movie."

If the new trailer is any indication, Snyder accomplished that in droves. The trailer begins by showing Superman (Henry Cavill) as a baby, Krypton at war, and Jor-el (Russell Crowe) , Superman's father, deciding to send his son to earth. At over 3 minutes in length, the new trailer gives us plenty to chew on, including lots more General Zod (Michael Shannon), a better idea of the utter epicness of the film, and Amy Adams as Lois Lane questioning Superman what the "S" on his chest means. To which Supe replies, "It's not an 'S', on my world it means 'hope.'" And hopeful we are! (You can check out the new trailer below, then head over for our full analysis of it here.)

Aside from "Man of Steel," the most jaw dropping footage (unless you already saw it at WonderCon) came from del Toro's hotly anticipated summer actioner "Pacific Rim" featuring giant reptilian monsters versus human-constructed, apocalypse-stopping robots. Speaking beforehand, del Toro noted, "The movie comes out from the deepest part of my being that is full of love: The 12-year-old kid who is in love with giant monsters." It certainly doesn't look like a love story, but it does look massive.

Before screening a sizzle reel of "Gatsby," Luhrmann gave a video address saying that he was sorry, but he couldn't attend the convention because he's still tweaking the final cut, set to open May 10. The color-happy director of "Moulin Rouge" (2001) called his stylized 3D telling of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel "a reflection of our times," noting that Fitzgerald liked to pepper his books with pop culture in order to give them a more visceral effect, an effect Luhrmann is trying to pay forward, in part by having rapper Jay-Z provide the film's score.

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Other highlights of the presentation included "We're the Millers," showing LOTS of Jennifer Anniston as a stripper who agrees to pose as Jason Sudeikis's wife in order to help him transport pot across the border; the tension-filled first footage of "Gravity," Alfonso Cuaron's first feature since 2006 starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts adrift on a spacewalk after a meteor takes out their shuttle; "300: Rise of an Empire" director Noam Murro introducing, via video, raw footage of this summer's similarly sepia-toned sequel to the 2006 Gerard Butler star-turner; and raw "Prisoners" footage showing Hugh Jackman as the father of a recently kidnapped little girl who detective Jake Gyllenhaal is determined to find.

Disappointingly, "The Hobbit" director Peter Jackson didn't have much to show the convention crowd, but did offer his thanks via video, as well as some very quick, Smaug-less images of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," the second installment of the forthcoming Tolkien trilogy.

All in all though, Warner Bros. upcoming slate looks pretty darn impressive, even if the CinemaCon presentation didn't blow the roof off the Coliseum theater.

For the last four years, Warner Bros. is the only studio to rake in more than $4 billion worldwide. Time will tell if the 2013 slate will live up to that number. But even if we are in Vegas, with such hotly anticipated films on the docket as the one's previewed today, would you bet against Warner Bros?

Watch the new "Man of Steel" trailer...