‘Lost’ Guy Is Writing Every Big Sci-Fi Movie for the Rest of Time

Tim Grierson
The Projector
January Jones hates this guy. Michael Buckner/Getty Images
January Jones hates this guy. Michael Buckner/Getty Images

We realize The Projector has been pretty top-heavy with "Super 8" stories today, so much so that when some news comes around that isn't about J.J. Abrams, it still ends up being somewhat connected to him.

Deadline reported today that Damon Lindelof, one of the creators (with Abrams) of "Lost," just signed a deal of at least $1 million to "to write and produce an original large-scale science fiction feature film" for Disney. What's it about? Don't ask Deadline, who only knows that it has the working title "1952." Our mom was born that year, so maybe that's what the movie's about, although, admittedly, there isn't much sci-fi about our mom.

Lindelof has been very much in demand since "Lost" signed off. The guy has his hand in three major upcoming projects, co-writing "Cowboys & Aliens," "Prometheus" (a.k.a. "The Alien Prequel That's Not Exactly an Alien Prequel"), and the "Star Trek" sequel. Perhaps most notable of late, though, he's also the author of that infamous tweet where he said that January Jones in "X-Men: First Class" had the mutant power of "sucking at acting." (Weirdly, this makes us more excited to finally see that film.)

It's clear that Lindelof, who just turned 38, is very much seen as the new it-guy in the world of science fiction films. No doubt the "Lost" connection helped. Let's face it: Right now, Abrams and anyone connected to him are the Kings of Hollywood. They should savor it through this weekend, when "Super 8" underperforms and then everyone turns on them.

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