‘Looper’ trailer shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt as young Bruce Willis

Meriah Doty
Movie Talk

In "Looper," Joseph Gordon-Levitt is tough, savvy, and is also (drum roll)... Bruce Willis.

Let me explain: A time travel movie, "Looper" stars Gordon-Levitt as Joe, a hit man for the mob—the mob in the future.  His bosses send his victims to the past, where he kills them—essentially erasing them from the future. One guy who travels backward in time to be met with Joe's grim goal is, get this, his older self, played by Bruce Willis.

In order to play "younger Bruce Willis," Gordon-Levitt studied the "Die Hard" and "Pulp Fiction" actor closely, and endured two-and-a-half hours of special effects makeup every morning. "The time I got to spend with him was the most valuable… just hanging out," he told IGN in a recent interview at WonderCon 2012.

"Looper" has been described by Levitt as sci-fi that depicts the real world. The film is directed by relative new comer Rian Johnson, who also directed Gordon-Levitt as he transitioned from television ( NBC's "3rd Rock from the Sun") onto the big screen in 2005's "Brick."

Watch New 'Looper' Trailer: