Long-Awaited ‘Frankie & Alice’ Trailer Reveals Two Faces of Halle Berry

Amanda Bell
Yahoo Movies

After three-and-a-half years spent in Hollywood limbo, "Frankie and Alice" — the disturbing story of a '70s go-go dancer suffering from dissociative identity disorder featuring Halle Berry in the dually eponymous role — is finally getting its chance to see the light of cinematic day.

The film, which earned Berry her fourth and most recent Golden Globe nomination, was initially given a limited debut in late 2010 in order to qualify her for awards season consideration, but until now it never did get a shot at wider release. As they say: better late than never.

Here we have an exclusive trailer debut for the long-awaited Geoffrey Sax ("White Noise")-directed pic, which introduces Berry as the troubled Frankie Murdoch and wastes no time bringing along a sneak peek at all the internal chaos, confusion, and torment the character suffers as a result of her very complicated and rare mental illness.

It's important to note at the outset that Berry's role here isn't just some creature of fiction. Frankie is actually based upon the real-life story of a Los Angeles-based exotic dancer who grappled with not just one but two unique alter egos — the first being a 7-year-old kid named Genius and the other a Southern white racist woman named Alice who caused her a considerable amount of more trouble than the former for obvious reasons.

Halle Berry in 'Frankie & Alice'
Halle Berry in 'Frankie & Alice'

Stellan Skarsgård supports in the pic as the psychotherapist who worked with Frankie to combat these at-times vicious voices in her head and ultimately uncover the hidden trauma from her childhood that wreaked her such mental havoc for so long.

Berry, for one, is glad to see the pic finally being resurrected.

"'Frankie & Alice' is an emotionally compelling film that I cannot wait for audiences to finally see," Berry told Yahoo Movies in a statement. "I am extremely proud of the film because it focuses on the very real issues of mental illness, and it is my wish that Frankie Murdoch's story will give hope and support to those struggling."

"Frankie & Alice" will finally make its way into theaters on April 4.