Lindsay Lohan Goes For a More Formal Court Look

Joseph Brannigan Lynch
Movie Talk

With a revocation of her probation and possible jail time on the line, Lindsay Lohan arrived in court today wearing surprisingly formal attire.Her immaculately white, sleeveless, '50s-style dress, matching billowy scarf and subdued silver stud earrings were marked contrast from her more revealing courtoom outfits of the past. In fact, her courtroom outfit looks like a perfect fit for a wedding reception--certainly more so than the low-cut dress she wore for Kim Kardashian's nuptials. Lindsay's thick eyeshadow and heavy blush stood out in comparison to her understandably pallid complexion.

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Apart from the earrings and glitzy purse, her sole accessory was an incongruously plain black bracelet -- nothing fancy, it looked like the kind you could pick up at any mall kiosk. Perhaps she was leaving room for the other bracelets she'd eventually depart the courtrom in: As soon as the judge revoked her probation and posted bail at $100,000, Lindsay was handcuffed and led away by uniformed officers.

In any event, the outfit was a departure from her riskier looks from court dates gone by. There was the super-short, more-appropriate-for-a-hot-date white dress she wore for an unforgettable early-February court date, and who could forget the time she brazenly emblazoned the F-word on her fingernails? Surely that did not please the court.

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Today's feminine frock was also a departure from her business-casual courtroom looks, including the wide-leg trouser outfit from her April court date, and the beige-and-black ensemble she wore for a late-February appearance. Heck, she once even wore jeans.

Not sure if the dressing up did her any good (see: being led away from the courtroom in handcuffs), but at least she's taking to heart the advice that you should dress for the sentence you want, not the sentence you have.

Editing and additional reporting by Courtney Reimer