Let’s Face It, the ‘Flatliners’ Remake Was Inevitable

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You, The Projector reader, are sick to death of remakes and sequels. How do we know this? Because when we write about one, you sound off in the comments, complaining (understandably) that Hollywood has run out of ideas. We definitely sympathize, but we can also see why Hollywood does it. More often than not, these films are hits, and they also bring attention to the studio's earlier installment(s), which helps bring in more money. It's not so much that Hollywood's run out of ideas, it's just that they're not going to reinvent the wheel if this wheel is doing just fine for them.

Which brings us to news of a "Flatliners" remake.

The original, a supernatural thriller, was the 18th highest-grossing film of 1990, right between "The Godfather Part III" and "Misery." Directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Julia Roberts and Keifer Sutherland, the movie was about a group of medical students who try to experience death by putting themselves into suspended animation. Lots of terrible things happen. (How long ago was this movie? It was the film that sparked the romance between Roberts and Sutherland, which also didn't end well.)

Today, Sony announced they were hiring "Source Code" writer Ben Ripley to script a remake. It's unclear if the new version will be radically different, but it's something Sony has been pondering for a while. (In fact, in 2008 there was talk of maybe turning "Flatliners" into a TV series.) And although we can all shake our fists at the sky that another remake is underway, at least the original has a cool-enough concept that could be brought back. Plus, "Source Code" proved that Ripley has a way with a clever premise. So let's be optimistic! It's Friday, folks.

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