‘Les Miserables’ cast gathers for pre-Oscars bash

Taryn Ryder
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog

“Les Miserables” has been named one of the best films of the year, and, at the Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood bash Wednesday night, everyone stood in line to pay their respects to Universal’s crew.

Director Tom Hooper was recognized at the soiree with his A-list cast by his side. Eddie Redmayne was one of the first major players to show and smiled as he chatted with Hooper in a gray suit. Amanda Seyfried was next to arrive and practically jumped on Hooper when she saw him.

The “Mamma Mia!” beauty had her gorgeous blonde hair tucked back loosely and was legitimately the life of the party. It seemed as if guests — including omg! — couldn’t get enough of the 27 year-old actress. She was dancing between Hooper and Redmayne around 7:30 P.M., when Hathaway snuck into the restaurant.

Hathaway entered the venue with husband Adam Shulman in tow and told omg! she planned to “eat, drink, and sleep” the second the Oscars were over the following Monday.

The ever gracious actress held court outside with industry elite and smiled for pics with partygoers even though Oscar voting has closed. (Trust us when we tell you most actresses would not be that kind knowing it wouldn’t benefit them. Hatha-haters, take note).

Once Sacha Baron Cohen arrived with wife Isla Fisher, the party really ramped up. It appeared as if Hathaway and Fisher couldn’t be more thrilled to see each other, as Anne immediately jumped on Sacha’s wife.

The entire cast ended up huddling around Hooper who shared his appreciation to everyone for being there for him. Well, except for Hugh Jackman. Sources tell omg! that the Best Actor nominee was stuck in New York, or else he would have been there in a second.

Wednesday's party at Eveleigh in West Hollywood was in support of The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education.