New LEGO sets for ‘The Lone Ranger’ and ‘Man of Steel’ reveal plot details

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The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase
The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase

WARNING: Mild spoilers

It's somewhat odd when construction-themed toys also work so well at deconstructing an upcoming movie.

The LEGO Group is set to unveil no less than six building sets inspired by the action and characters featured in Disney's upcoming Western extravaganza, "The Lone Ranger" (perhaps the only summer movie hero your grandparents may know more about than you). The sets will hit store shelves in April, almost three months before "The Lone Ranger" rides into theaters in July ... proving once again that there's nothing like licensed merchandise when it comes to revealing movie spoilers.

Yahoo! was given the exclusive first look at one of the building sets, which is inspired by a large-scale set piece featured heavily in film's trailer. The "Constitution Train Chase" features LEGO action figure recreations of most of the film's main heroes and villains, including The Lone Ranger/John Reid (played by Armie Hammer), Tonto (Johnny Depp), Rebecca Reid (Ruth Wilson), Danny Reid (James Badge Dale), Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner), Latham Cole (Tom Wilkinson) and Captain Jay Fuller (Barry Pepper) -- and one extremely impressive tricked-out mega-locomotive, the kind that could only come from Disney masterminds going all-out as they look to kick-start a new franchise.

The Lone Ranger minifigures
The Lone Ranger minifigures

The Constitution Train Chase set's description reveals some plot details from "The Lone Ranger" as it encourages builders/role-players to recreate some key moments from the scene:

The chase is on to save Rebecca and Danny from Butch Cavendish and his gang of henchmen onboard the speeding train, Constitution! Help Tonto to place the dynamite and blow up the water tower to stop the speeding train in its tracks! Ride to the rescue with the Lone Ranger alongside on his trusty horse, Silver. Jump aboard the highly detailed locomotive with 3 cars and dodge the gatling gun! Uncover the secret coal wagon hideout, blow the prison wagon door with the dynamite and escape to safety with Rebecca and Danny!

A secret coal wagon hideout? Awesome. A gatling gun? Even more awesome. Johnny Depp with dynamite? Heigh-ho, kemo sabe.

Another interesting tidbit: "The Lone Ranger" building sets make for LEGO's first Western-themed toys in over 10 years. The last, of course, were sets inspired by Kevin Costner's 2003 western, "Open Range" (just kidding, though we would've totally bought them if they had existed). Plus, there are already LEGO sets for "Pirates of the Caribbean," so you have Tonto fight Jack Sparrow for some Depp-on-Depp action.

Watch the Super Bowl ad for 'The Lone Ranger':

'Man of Steel' playset
'Man of Steel' playset

"The Lone Ranger" isn't the only upcoming summer movie set to get the LEGO treatment. LEGO DC UNIVERSE Super Heroes will be unveiling three sets based on the highly secretive Superman reboot, "Man of Steel," in May, about a month before the film hits theaters.

One of the sets is the "Metropolis Showdown," which features action figures of Superman (played by Henry Cavill in the film) and the villainous General Zod (Michael Shannon) ... and what looks like Zod's evil car/Jeep hybrid, more or less color coordinated to his own costume. There's also a piece that looks like a radio tower, into which one of them will probably toss the other, causing it to explode or at least be severely dented.

We'll have to see how the LEGO sets measure up to the scenes in their respective films when "Man of Steel" opens June 14 and "The Lone Ranger" opens July 3.