‘The Last Stand’ Five Film Facts: Schwarzenegger gets back to busting bad guys

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After seven years governating, Arnold Schwarzenegger gets back to doing what he does best: Starring in action flicks. “The Last Stand” finds Arnold carrying his first movie since 2003’s “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” and while he may be noticeably older, the action icon wears those years in fine form, awesomely displaying everything that made him THE man of action in the first place: Self-referential one liners, a stoic sense of justice, and fist-pumping action. We all know the action world is a better place with Arnold in it, but here are Five Facts about “The Last Stand” you might not know.

Takes a Lickin’…

1. Schwarzenegger made a point of doing as many of his own stunts as possible, including repeatedly driving a Camaro into a Corvette, throwing himself through a door, and being dangled from a safety harness for a fight scene on a roof. But it wasn’t a stunt sequence that caused the biggest onset scare; it was an unexpected run-in with a camera. "I put my jacket on to walk away and all of a sudden the camera comes in and smacks into my forehead and the blood is gushing down. It wasn't even a scene," Schwarzenegger told the USA Today. Arnold was rushed to the hospital and received four stitches. But unlike some big name stars might have done, Arnold didn’t take the rest of the day off to file insurance claims. After being assured by director Kim Jee-Woon that the cut could be removed digitally, Schwarzenegger went back to work that very afternoon. You can see Arnold jumping through a door in the clip above.

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Family Business

2. In “The Last Stand,” Schwarzenegger plays small-town Sheriff Ray Owens, a former big city narcotics officer who seeks out a quieter life in the sleepy border town of Sommerton Junction. While Governor Schwarzenegger may have signed a law or two back in the day, actual hands-on law enforcement has never been his bag. However, the Governator does have law enforcement in his blood, as his father, Gustav, was a local police chief in Austria. Of course, Gustav was also a member of the Nazi Party’s paramilitary force known as the brownshirts, so Arnold probably would rather not have us draw too close a parallel.

Pulling Out the Big Guns

3. The title “The Last Stand” refers to Sheriff Owens drawing a line in the sand at his tiny border town in order to prevent an escaped cartel boss from crossing into Mexico. In order to do so, Sheriff Ray and his deputies need much better arms than their local police force is equipped with. Conveniently, there’s a firearms museum in town, run by a local oddball played by Johnny Knoxville. Among a myriad of other instruments of destruction, the rag-tag crew grabs a Vickers Gatling Gun, similar to Jesse Ventura’s General Electric hand held version in “Predator”. “It fires 400 rounds a minute. You see the effect of it, because they shot over my shoulder as I’m shooting, of what it does. Even the shops in the background, everything comes apart, that’s how powerful it is,” Schwarzenegger told Collider. You can feel the Vickers' power in the trailer above.

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Global Communications

4. Director Kim Jee-Woon has been making hit movies in South Korea for years, but this is his first English speaking film. Jee-Woon speaks limited English and required the use of two translators to speak with his cast. But while some might think the language barrier would get in the way of communicating, that’s not how co-star Jaimie Alexander (of “Thor” fame) saw it. “A lot of times directors get really wordy, and they want to be all artistic and crap. They complicate things when really, the best thing to do is keep it simple,” Alexander told ComingSoon.Net. “Because he didn’t speak a lot of English, he did have translators, but he used his physicality. He was so animated he would literally show us what he wanted us to do. He would throw himself into walls, on the ground… he wasn’t afraid to get in there.”

He’s Not Just Kind of Back

5. Schwarzenegger may have retired from politics, but he hasn’t even come close to retiring. The future is bright for the 65-year-old, with plenty of projects in the pipeline. In September, Schwarzenegger teams up with fellow action icon and “The Expendables” co-star Sylvester Stallone for the prison break action/thriller “The Tomb.” Schwarzenegger will then carry another thriller called “Captive,” slated for release later this year. And in early 2014 he’ll star opposite Sam Worthington in “Ten,” from “End of Watch” director David Ayer. That’s not to mention three high profile franchise sequels in development: “The Expendables 3” (though he’s currently unattached), a “Twins” sequel tentatively titled “Triplets” with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy, as well as the one we’re most excited about, another “Conan the Barbarian” film exploring what happens when barbarians grow old.

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