Lady Comedy Part Deux: Will We See a Sequel to ‘The Heat’?

Breanne Heldman
Movie Talk

Apparently, women like to go to the movies, too.

Hard to believe, we know, but how else would you explain Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy's "The Heat" ― the only female-driven studio film being released this summer ― opening at $40 million and trouncing its manly competition, "White House Down"? Well, thankfully, it looks like we may be getting a round two of the female buddy cop comedy.

"We've got ['The Heat' screenwriter] Katie Dippold writing away on one," director Paul Feig told Yahoo! Movies when we asked about the prospect of a sequel. "We had an idea that we thought was really fun."

Not surprisingly, Feig, who also helmed "Bridesmaids," is looking forward to spending more time with Ashburn and Mullins.

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"I just love these characters so much," he said. "I want to see them fighting more crime and having more fun."

Fun was certainly had in droves on the set of "The Heat," which Feig described as "controlled chaos."

"The fun that we had was usually in the middle of a scene at the most inappropriate time," Bullock explained.

We're sure hoping that fun continues and we get to see Ashburn and Mullins fighting crime in Boston again in the near future. We'll even let them leave the Scotch tape on their desks.

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