Kristen Wiig: ‘Girl Most Likely’ To Win Over Audiences

Kara Warner
Senior Reporter
Movie Talk

Have you been feeling a comedic void in your life? One that was occupied weekly by a witty, multi-talented, immensely-likable funny lady? Join the club, because we've been missing Kristen Wiig too. It just feels like we should be seeing her in more things, more often. Thankfully your Yahoo! Movies team is here to help ease the pain with this brand new exclusive trailer for Wiig's next film, "Girl Most Likely."

"Girl Most Likely," which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year under the title "Imogene," is the funny and heartwarming tale of a once-promising-but-now-broken playwright Imogene (Wiig) who suffers a nervous breakdown is forced to move in with her irresponsible mother (Annette Bening), her mother's oddball and much younger boyfriend (Matt Dillon) and a young man renting Wiig's childhood room ("Glee" star Darren Criss).

The trailer offers up a glimpse at how Imogene's mother's creative parenting choices likely influenced her daughter for the worse, and what likely follows is the story of a woman learning to forgive and forget and forge on. In addition to a movie centered around Wiig's talents, we also have the unique performances from Bening and Dillon to look forward to. Plus there's a brief moment in the trailer that features a singing and dancing Criss, which when it makes sense for the story is always welcome in our opinion.

Early reviews of the film suggest that if you're a fan of Wiig, as well as her A-list co-stars, you'll enjoy "Girl Most Likely."

[Wiig] once again proves her value," wrote Playlist critic Christopher Schobert. "Whether smuggling a library book under her old phys ed shirt or weeping in the rain on a broken chair, she is adorable, heartfelt and smart. Bening is typically wonderful, of course. She's been on a heckuva run during the past few years, and her role in "Imogene" plays to her acerbic strengths. Quite simply, the pair, and their co-stars, elevate the material."

"Girl Most Likely" opens in select theaters on July 19. In the meantime you can further fill your Wiig void by watching her return to her old stomping grounds when she hosts "Saturday Night Live" on May 11.