Who is Kate Winslet’s Boyfriend and What’s Up with His Name?

Joseph Brannigan Lynch
Movie Talk

Academy Award-winner Kate Winslet has officially moved on: After divorcing director Sam Mendes last year and leaving her British model boyfriend not long ago, the 36-year-old actress has found a new love and his name is Ned Rocknroll.

Improbably enough, that is the legal name of Kate's new flame. Although he was born Ned Abel Smith, the 33-year-old was apparently worried "Abel Smith" didn't correctly convey how much he rocks and rolls. Incidentally, Ned changed his name shortly before marrying Eliza Pearson, an heiress he is divorcing (according to Pearson, the decree absolute on their divorce should come through this month). Oh, and he's also the nephew of mega-rich Briton, Richard Branson.

Winslet reportedly started seeing Rocknroll after the decree nisi for his divorce was granted in August. Remember that story about Kate saving a woman from a burning building? That lucky 90-year-old lady was the mother of billionaire Richard Branson, the business mastermind behind Virgin Records. Branson and employs his fortunate nephew at Virgin Galactic, a commercial spaceport in New Mexico that will send customers into space for $200,000 (and presumably, bring them back) as early as 2012.

Kate attended the Monday evening launch party for Virgin Galactic with Rocknroll. After all, nothing says 'Rocknroll' like working for your rich uncle.