Johnny Depp’s Son Prefers Another Hero Over Jack Sparrow

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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow Walt Disney Pictures
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow Walt Disney Pictures

For millions of kids the world over, Captain Jack Sparrow is their absolute favorite movie hero. They watch his movies over and over; play with his action figures and video games; and even dress up like him for Halloween. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has sold $1.6 billion worth of "Pirates" merchandise around the world.

But for one particular 9-year-old boy, Sparrow only ranks at number two. And that's Johnny Depp's son, John Christopher Depp III, who coincidentally goes by the name "Jack."

Depp revealed in an interview with "Radio Times" that his boy still enjoys the antics of his dad's famous pirate character, but he's just a bit too familiar. Depp said, "Oh yeah, he's still into Captain Jack. But at the same time he sees me every day, so he's super used to Papa."

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So who is Jack Depp's favorite? It's Iron Man, the superhero alter ego of one of his dad's longtime pals, Robert Downey Jr. Depp said, "Bob Downey, who is an old friend, comes over to the house for dinner and Jack's like, 'Oh my God!' So then Captain Jack becomes secondary to Iron Man."

Jack Depp was born the year before his father first appeared on screen as Captain Sparrow, and the movie did inspire Johnny to pay tribute to his son in ink. In "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," Jack Sparrow is identified by a tattoo on his right arm with the drawing of a bird and the word "Jack" below. For the first movie, the tattoo was just makeup, but after the movie wrapped Johnny had it inked on his arm for real. The one difference is that in the movie, the bird was flying away from his body, and on the real one, it points towards him.

Of course, Captain Jack has another chance this summer to win back the top spot in little Jack's affections. The fourth movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" hits theaters on May 20. Maybe seeing him on the big screen -- in 3D, no less -- will convince Jack that pirates are still cooler than superheroes.

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