John Sayles reveals trailer for latest movie ‘Go For Sisters’

Danny Bowes
Movie Talk

John Sayles, one of the great American independent filmmakers, has a new film, and a typically intriguing one at that. “Go For Sisters,” the writer-director's latest, will be premiering at Austin's South by Southwest (SXSW) festival this year.

According to the film's official synopsis, the story follows the relationship between Bernice and Fontayne, lifelong friends, who are so close they could be sisters (hence the title). Fontayne turns to a life of crime, leading her to drug addiction and prison, and Bernice is fortuitously assigned to be Fontayne's parole office upon her release. Bernice's son has gone missing and may be dead, and Fontayne has to turn to underworld contacts to enlist the aid of a disgraced, elderly, nearly blind ex-cop called “The Terminator” to get him back.

The trailer for the micro-budget “Go For Sisters” certainly makes it seem like the kind of richly textured character study masquerading as a pulp story that Sayles has made plenty of throughout his career. The cast—Edward James Olmos, LisaGay Hamilton, Yolonda Ross, Hector Elizondo, Harold Perrineau, and Isaiah Washington, among others—looks to be in fine form in the clip, in the grand tradition of well-acted John Sayles films.

“Go For Sisters” will be seeking distribution at SXSW. With Sayles' history, one hopes he'll be able to get the film out there. Watch the trailer below: