Awards season darling Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong, plans to enjoy second Oscar nod

Meriah Doty
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Jennifer Lawrence at Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards
Jennifer Lawrence at Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards

Possessing that rare ability to garner both critical and box office success, Jennifer Lawrence is arguably the most sought-after actress in Hollywood.

On the heels of a People's Choice Award win just the night before, the 22-year-old earned her second Best Actress Oscar nod on Thursday for her comedic portrayal of a tortured soul in "Silver Linings Playbook." In the David O. Russell film she plays Tiffany, a recently-widowed Philly girl with an overactive neuroses who finds a kindred spirit in an also-troubled Pat (Bradley Cooper). And yes, she is also up for a Golden Globe for the role.

As for how this compares to her "Winter's Bone" Best Actress nomination experience in 2011, she says she's ready to have more fun with it."I plan on enjoying myself this time," Lawrence told The Hollywood Reporter following Thursday's announcement. "Last time, I was just so nervous. I was 20 and new [to] the industry... I don't want to make the same mistake this time," she added.

And part of her enjoyment this awards season cycle, she says, will be the alcohol. "I've thought about how much liquor I'm going to consume on Sunday," she told USA Today about the upcoming Golden Globes this weekend. "Last year, at the Globes, I couldn't drink. I was like, oh, my God. Hopefully, it will be better this year now that I can drink," she said, also admitting she has yet to pick out a dress.

Lawrence's parents woke her up with the good news -- that she got nominated for an Academy Award along with nearly all of her cast mates (Cooper, Robert DeNiro and Jacki Weaver). "I thought I would wake up, but I didn't. My parents spent the night at my house, and they came in and kissed me on the forehead and told me about all the nominations for 'Silver Linings,'" Lawrence told THR. "They told me the entire cast was nominated, which is unbelievable!" Variety also quoted her as saying.

Jennifer Lawrence reacts to 2011 Oscar nomination
Jennifer Lawrence reacts to 2011 Oscar nomination

At Wednesday night's People's Choice show -- where she won the Favorite Movie Actress award for playing Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" -- Lawrence told the OMG! Insider she would be "cuddling in bed" with her glass award and that she was "pretty sure" her parents would come banging down her door once Oscar nominations were announced. Hey, she was right -- and clearly much more confident about her chances this time around.

Lawrence's nomination comes in spite of recent, disparaging comments she's made about the movie industry. She recently told Vanity Fair that acting "is stupid" and also told Entertainment Weekly that she's "so aware of all the b.s. that surrounds Hollywood."

Ever-gaining a reputation for her no-holds-barred commentary, the awards season honors and plum roles keep coming Lawrence's way. Judging from all appearances, the woman can do no wrong.

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