Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars: Beautiful but bleepin’ famished!

Mark Deming
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog

Anyone got a sammy? This "Hunger Games" champ is hungry.

Jennifer Lawrence, up for an Academy Award tonight as Best Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook," is apparently too busy working the carpet to get a square meal.

Last year, Lawrence cheerfully told reporters that she'd chowed down on a Philly cheesesteak before the show, but tonight, when E!'s Ryan Seacrest asked her on there red carpet what she was most looking forward to for the show, she replied, "Aw, this show is so long! I'm really excited about the food!"

Lawrence added, "Today was stressful, and I had no time to eat."

Lawrence, looking coolly elegant in a white Dior gown, didn't seem to be suffering, but with the Oscar telecast expected to run longer than usual, with over a dozen production numbers on the agenda, there's going to be a long wait before she gets dinner.

During ABC's red-carpet interview, the down-to-earth Lawrence became the first celeb of the evening to get bleeped on live TV. When host Kristen Chenoweth jokingly asked Lawrence "Is the Pope Catholic?" Lawrence replied, "Does a bear s--- in the woods?"

ABC's censors caught the quip in time, but someone needs to get that gal a snack before she says something more outrageous.