Jennifer Lawrence didn’t really sing in music video for ‘House at the End of the Street’

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Okay, maybe there is something Jennifer Lawrence can't do.

On Monday, Yahoo! Movies premiered a music video from this weekend's new release "House at the End of the Street" which featured the character Elissa, played by Jennifer Lawrence, singing a tune and strumming a guitar.  We even wrote a blog post about it -- 'Jennifer Lawrence can do anything, even sing.' Many other news outlets and blogs picked up the video and the story. But as often the case in Hollywood, looks -- and sounds -- can be deceiving. first reported that the voice you hear in the video is not, in fact, Jennifer Lawrence's. The song was actually performed by Sarah Rayne, a singer who works with the film's music supervisor, Steve Lindsey.

Watch the video for the song below:

When asked for comment, the film's studio Relativity Media, released this statement:

"We're delighted audiences are enjoying the song, 'All You've Got to Do is Fall in Love' as sung by Jennifer Lawrence's character Elissa in 'House at the End of the Street.' Thanks to movie magic, Elissa had the great luck of Sarah Rayne's vocal ability to support her. Music plays an important part of Elissa's terrifying journey and is what brings her to meet Ryan [played by Max Thieriot] in the film. Jennifer is wonderful in bringing such life into Elissa's complicated and unique heroine. We are excited for movie-goers to see the film in theatres this weekend."

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Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence did actually record songs with Steve Lindsey and songwriter Benji Hughes, but ultimately her voice was replaced by a pro.  Lawrence had  said, "It was so much fun to go to the studio with Benji Hughes and Steve Lindsey, who are absolute geniuses. We recorded music for hours and hours."  Showblitz reported that Lawrence's take on the song "wasn't half bad," but Rayne's re-recording fit the scene better.

To be fair, it was not expressly stated in the video that it was Lawrence singing.  It's says "Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot" on screen, but not "Performed by." And in the closing credits of the finished film, it does state that the song was performed "by Sarah Rayne."

Still, it's clear that we were intended to believe that was really her voice.  The song's producer Steve Lindsey recounted that when a nervous Lawrence went into the studio to record her vocal track "her humor about the situation shined through with her begging for us to Photoshop her voice."  Apparently, instead of "airbrushing" her voice, they simply used "find and replace."

"House at the End of the Street" is in theaters now.

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