Jennifer Aniston wins an unusual MTV Movie Award

Michael Krumboltz
Movie Talk

Jennifer Aniston took home the MTV Movie Award for Best Dirtbag for her role in last summer's "Horrible Bosses."

Best dirtbag? The sweet and lovable Aniston? Of course, Aniston is anything but a dirtbag in real life (we hope), but that's why they call it acting.

In the comedy, she played a sexual harassing dentist who torments her dental hygienist, played by Charlie Day. Aniston beat out fellow cast member Colin Farrell for the honor.

"I would like to say thank you to the television show 'Friends' for letting me unleash my inner-sweetheart, and here's to ('Horrible Bosses' director) Seth Gordon for letting me be a dirtbag," Aniston said in her acceptance speech.

Watch Jennifer Aniston accept the 'Best Dirtbag' award:

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