Jen Aniston’s Surprising Ad

Michael Krumboltz
Movie Talk

The first rule of the Internet: A viral video isn't something one can plan for. Circumstances have to align. It has to just happen.

The people at Smart Water decided to test that philosophy by creating a video in which pitchwoman Jennifer Aniston attempts to make a viral video. Surprisingly, her efforts paid off. At least according to the Search box. Over the past 24 hours, online interest in "aniston smart water" and "aniston viral video" have more than tripled.

The video, which is tongue-in-cheek referred to as the "Jen Aniston sex tape" (but don't get any ideas), features Aniston spoofing several well-known viral videos from times past, including the dancing babies, the double rainbow guy (so intense), and the skateboarding dog.

Does Aniston's version do them justice? Check it out for yourself: