Jean-Claude Van Damme brings special date to 2012 MTV Movie Awards: his daughter!

Suzy Byrne
Movie Talk

Jean-Claude Van Damme's love life has been quite colorful through the years — he's been married five times, twice to the same woman — so you never know who will be on his arm at an event. But his date for Sunday's 2012 MTV Movie Awards was a special one: the action hero brought his daughter.

Van Damme, 51, escorted 21-year-old Bianca Bree (real name: Bianca Van Varenberg, which is Van Damme's given last name) to the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City last night. On the red carpet, the father/daughter duo clowned around for photographers — the "Expendables 2" star gave his offspring a spin at one point then they posed back to back. Bianca, an aspiring actress, had on an attention-grabbing outfit—a minidress with cutout sides. In her high heels, she appeared taller than her father.

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Bianca took to Twitter to document her night out with her dad, writing: "As much as I don't enjoy all that flashy crap, I had a lot of fun." She also was excited to see Charlie Sheen, commenting that the "Anger Management" star "looks really good now days. Love that guy, no matter what."

Bianca has been appearing in her father's movies since 2008 and has three more lined up, including "Welcome to the Jungle," which also stars her brother, Kristopher Van Varenberg , 24. (They are the children of Van Damme and ex-bodybuilder Gladys Portugues, who were married from 1987 to 1992 and then remarried in 1999.) However, Bianca is trying to carve out her own career path separate from her famous family.

Last year, Bianca appeared on her father's British reality TV series, "Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors," and talked about the difficulties of coming from a famous family. "Growing up under the roof of my dad, I never even saw him as something big," she said. "I never came to the conclusion that he was [famous]. I would go to school sometimes and people would say, 'Oh, I saw your dad on TV.' It can be hard having him as my father because a lot of people are fake. They can hurt you if you don't be careful. I shy away from a lot of people because I don't want them to know my life and personal issues. I just have a couple friends who are close and that is it."

Meanwhile, it was a family weekend for Van Damme. The night before he brought Bianca to the MTV Movie Awards, he took Kristopher to Spike TV's 6th annual Guys Choice Awards. As noted, Kristopher is also following in his father's footsteps and the men have appeared in numerous movies together. Not only does Kristopher resemble his father, but he also has a  muscular physique, which he showed off  on the set of "Welcome to the Jungle" in March.

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"He raised me very well with my mother and grandparents," Kristopher has said about his famous father. "I grew up in Belgium the first five years of my life... It was good for me to be raised [with a European mentality], especially now that I'm living in L.A. Here, the sons and daughters [of famous actors] -- it's very easy for them. I've met many of them and it's, 'Tomorrow my father will buy me this' and 'I'm going here' and 'We'll party and drink and smoke.' I have no time for that. I am a machine that is [focused on] working." He says he loves working with his father "because we think the same."

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