James Franco Ticks Off Neighbors by Running a Production Company Out of His House

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James Franco at the U.S. premiere of 'Spring Breakers'
James Franco at the U.S. premiere of 'Spring Breakers'

Being an actor, filmmaker, grad student, musician, artist and all-around entrepreneur makes James Franco one of the busiest people in Hollywood. His multilayered career keeps him away from home most of the time ... but that doesn't mean his house isn't being put to good use in his absence.

Franco purchased a compound in the hip Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake late last summer for $775,000, with the Real Estalker reporting a rumor that "Mister Franco has plans to fix up the quirky but kinda dumpy two-unit mini-compound where he's currently shacked up with his long-time b.f.f and producing partner Vince Jolivette." Now, according to his neighbors, the place has been turned into a full-blown production house -- pretty much a nightmare situation for anyone living next door.

The fact that Franco has turned his house into a 24-hour filming location (and who knows what else) comes as no surprise, as such a scenario fits perfectly into the hurlyburly piece of abstract art that is the man's life and career. Franco somehow manages to juggle lead roles in major studio tentpoles like Disney's "Oz the Great and Powerful," direct fetish documentaries, pursue a doctorate in English, and headline at least one garage band -- just to name a few of his gigs. However, his eccentric prolific-ness is starting to get more than a little tedious -- and seeming more and more like some sort of bizarre put-on.

It's also, apparently, upsetting the neighbors, one household described its situation via an email posted by Curbed L.A.:

"At first, my partner and I were pleased to have Mr. Franco living next door. His work in 'Milk' and his academic pursuits made us happy he was on our street. That is no longer the case," the email began.

If, in fact, Mr. Franco has purchased the house next door, it does not appear to be inhabited by the actor; it does appear to be inhabited by several people who are working for him. In addition, over the course of the last weeks the individuals living on the property appear to be running a MAJOR production company out of the house and have also used it for shoots.

Large white production trucks and various other vehicles block our driveway and use it as a loading zone and block our street with such regularity that we have begun calling parking enforcement to have them ticketed; racks of costumes come and go; crowds of people constantly stream in and out of the house and have business meetings in front of OUR house and treat us as if we are eavesdropping sycophants when we walk out our gate to our car; and as I write this, they've set up hair and make-up in their driveway.

We like James Franco and we like some of his movies, but we're not so enamored of his presence that we are willing to give up our sanity in our own home.

We'd love to learn what's actually going on inside Franco Manor but Team James has not commented. Either way, it's probably safe to assume that we haven't heard of the last of this L.A. story.