James Bond Press Conference Confirms ‘Skyfall’ Is Finally Coming, With a New Bond Girl

Will Leitch
The Projector

This morning in London, Sony Pictures had a big press conference about the next James Bond movie, the one that has been rumored and delayed and speculated about for months upon years. Sitting up there on stage were Daniel Craig, and Judi Dench, and director Sam Mendes and even Javier Bardem, who is gonna play the bad guy. It really happened. The movie is totally coming now. They had a press conference: They can't back out at this point.

The more prurient of you are probably wondering: "So, who's the hot Bond girl?" Well, you Y-chromosome-driven Beavis: It's Bérénice Marlohe, a French model who has, in fact, never appeared in an English-speaking movie before. (She has barely been in any French-speaking ones.)

She will play "a glamorous, enigmatic character named Severin." That's to say: A Bond girl. If you want to know a bit more about what she looks like -- and we suspect you do -- JoBlo.com has the definitive photo gallery.

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Onto the other news: According to the press conference, they are starting shooting ... today. Probably a good idea, considering the movie is expected to be out a year from now. There were lots of news items to come out of the press conference, but here's the most impressive one to us: James Bond now has a Twitter! Obviously, the handle is @007. That Twitter account gave out all kinds of details about the film during the press conference. Here are the key ones:

  • "The title of Bond 23 will be....Skyfall." That's the first one-word Bond title since "GoldenEye," a forgettable Bond film known mostly for an awesome Nintendo 64 game.
  • "Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney will all be joining the Skyfall cast." We would watch Albert Finney chew on straw for two hours.
  • "Javier Bardem will play Skyfall's villain." So there's official confirmation of that, in case you were wondering why he was on stage.
  • "Director Sam Mendes says Skyfall "is its own story. It doesn't connect with the last two movies." This is good. We were already tired of the "guilty Bond" storyline.

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The movie will film in London, Istanbul, Shanghai and Scotland and be released next fall. It'll be the first Bond film since "Quantum of Solace" in 2008, a film that left most neither shaken nor stirred. But the goodwill of "Casino Royale," and Craig's total reboot of the character, still goes a long way, particularly with that cast. We're excited. "Skyfall!"

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