J.J. Abrams Reveals the Uncut Viral Video From ‘Super 8′

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'Super 8' director J.J. Abrams Paramount Pictures
'Super 8' director J.J. Abrams Paramount Pictures

J.J. Abrams likes to keep his cards close to the vest. But even the wiliest of poker players know that eventually you have to show your hand. And for Abrams, that time is now with the release of his much-anticipated film, "Super 8."

The movie -- written and directed by Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg -- takes place in a small Ohio town in 1979. A group of kids are making a movie on a Super 8 camera when a train on route from Area 51 derails and crashes. They inadvertently film some creature emerging from the wreckage, and whatever it is causes havoc in their town. But what exactly that is -- and what it actually looks like -- has been kept a closely guarded secret.

In the theatrical trailer for the movie, the address for a website was hidden in a single frame: s8editingroom.com. At first, the viral site offered just a few little glimpses of scratchy black-and-white footage. But over the last few months, various movie sites across the web have received packages containing small reels of Super 8 film and more segments of the film. Slashfilm, io9, ComingSoon, HitFix, and others each got small bits of the puzzle, but now all the pieces have come together. And it gives the first partial look at the alien creature that breaks free in the film.

Watch the exclusive full video here:

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"Super 8" is opening everywhere on Friday, but sneak previews are playing today on 300 screens across the nation. Click here to find showtimes for when it is playing near you.