Inside the Governors Ball: The Brangelina Love Train Chugs On

Taryn Ryder
Yahoo Movies

The weekend-long Brangelina PDA train continued well into the night Sunday at the Governors Ball immediately following the Academy Awards.

When the happy couple entered the bash, they were absolutely mobbed. Photographers, fans, and guests alike flocked to them. Both Brad and Angie handled the situation like pros, and didn’t disappoint in the PDA department. The attached-at-the-hip pair was quite adorable while they hung with their winning "12 Years a Slave" crew.

Of course, this follows some sweet, intimate moments between them during the show -- like when Brad kissed Angelina on the forehead when part of her speech from her Humanitarian Award ceremony was shown -- and even more that we caught during commercial breaks. On Saturday, we spotted a proud Angie backstage at the Film Independent Spirit Awards congratulating her man with a kiss and then swiftly shooing him off to the press room. That evening, they were spotted at Sunset Tower sticking close together in matching black ensembles and holding hands.

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But they weren't the only ones feeling the love and appreciating a good party. Among the first to arrive and enjoy the delicious eats by chef Wolfgang Puck was the "American Hustle" crowd, including director David O. Russell and star Bradley Cooper, who brought his girlfriend, model Suki Waterhouse.

"I had so much fun," Suki, who wore Marchesa, told Yahoo about the show. "It was a great night. How great was Ellen [DeGeneres]? Loved the pizza part. We had a great time!"

If it wasn't obvious during the telecast, the actress/model clearly has the A-OK from those close to Bradley. Not only did she hang with his guy friends (including Michael Fassbender) throughout the night, she also sat in between Bradley and his mother at the ball. It looked like Suki passed the parental test, as she and Bradley's mom talked for a while.

Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio, who didn't win for "Wolf of Wall Street," stopped by with an e-cig in hand to hang with a few of his pals. He held court across the way from Meryl Streep. The "August: Osage County" actress, who didn't win either, knows a little something about being a gracious loser — after all, she's been nominated 18 times (with three previous wins). She chatted with friends, took a couple pics with fans, and genuinely seemed to be having a great time with her crew.

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Fassbender, who appeared in "12 Years a Slave," lost out to Jared Leto in the Supporting Actor category, but you wouldn't have known it.

"Tonight ended up how I thought it would be — and I mean that in a great way," he told Yahoo graciously.

He was just excited to celebrate the Best Picture win, saying, "I am very, very excited. It has been a wonderful night." He also admitted that he missed Lupita Nyong'o's acceptance speech, but ordered two shots at the bar in her honor.

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Speaking of Lupita, she couldn't have been happier.

"I'm having the best time!" the actress told Yahoo. While Fassbender missed it, there wasn't a dry eye in the room during her acceptance speech and the first-time Oscar-winner told us she was overwhelmed by the positive reaction she's received from Hollywood.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was a Best Actor nominee, was enjoying the night too, telling Yahoo, "I'm feeling fantastic! Seriously, what a great night!"

A few feet from the "12 Years a Slave" group was man of the hour, Matthew McConaughey, reveling in his Best Actor win with his main squeeze, wife Camila Alves.

"I couldn't be more proud," Alves gushed to us. "I'm just here for him and happy for him to have his moment."

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Meanwhile, the "Dallas Buyers Club's" Oscar-winning counterpart, Cate Blanchett, was on her own high.

"I really don't remember what I said," the actress recalled when asked about her pro-woman acceptance speech. "Seriously though — I sort of blanked out!"

A-listers aside, the absolute best part of the Governors Ball — well, for the winners — was the engraving station. Those who arrived with an Oscar in hand stopped by to get their names engraved on those golden statues.

Then it was off into the night for more celebrating.