‘Inside Llewyln Davis’ Trailer Has Us Feelin’ Folksy

Kara Warner
Senior Reporter
Movie Talk

We're just days away from the start of the annual Cannes Film Festival and as such, the movie promotional machine has been chugging along with early glimpses of some of the Fest's most buzzworthy premieres like Sofia Coppola's "Bling Ring," and the Coen Brothers' latest "Inside Llewyn Davis." And speaking of the Coens, Yahoo! Movies is delighted to present you with the first trailer, a racy Red Band version at that, for "Inside Llewyn Davis," take a few moments to enjoy the trip back to the 60s.

Warning: contains adult language.

The trailer, backed by Bob Dylan's "Farewell," opens with an introduction to our protagonist and possible anti-hero Llewyn Davis ("Drive" and "Sucker Punch" actor Oscar Isaac) via a meeting with a new enthusiastic roommate and reluctant/former, possible future love interest Jean (Carey Mulligan). The bulk of the action centers around Llewyn's struggle to be taken seriously as a folk musician, glimpses at a less-than-happy demeanor as well as brief intros to the noteworthy supporting cast which includes, in addition to Mulligan, John Goodman (who is sporting an interesting bowl cut hairdo - a possible nod/competitor for all the attention Javier Bardem's hair in in "No Country for Old Men" received ), Garrett Hedlund, Justin Timberlake and F. Murray Abraham. Oh and there is also an orange tabbey cat, who may or may not become Llewyn's sidekick or muse.

As is the Coens' modus operandi not too much is known about the film, only that the story revolves around the young folk singer's trials and tribulations in trying to make a name for himself in folk music. The New York Times reported earlier this year that we can expect to see full-length performances of folk hits from the time period by the cast members themselves. Super producer T -Bone Burnett ("The Hunger Games" "Nashville") produced the music for the film, which will also feature performances from Mulligan's real-life hubby and musician Marcus Mumford.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" will be in select theaters December 6 and then expands on December 20.