Indie Roundup: Meek’s Cutoff, Blank City, Meet Monica Velour

Movie Talk
This is an old magazine ad for Smirnoff vodka. Really.
This is an old magazine ad for Smirnoff vodka. Really.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we saw five movies. That's kind of awesome: That's like being at a film festival. As we near liftoff, it is encouraging to note that it is starting to flow more smoothly, that we feel a little bit less like we're pretending. We're not as good as Grierson yet, but he has a decade of experience on us. We are sure we'll catch him by 2018, or when we launch, whichever comes second.

Here are things that happened this week:

*** The director of "Hanna" does not like the director of "Sucker Punch."

*** The newest Snow White is Phil Collins' daughter, which is kind of funny.

*** M. Night and Will Smith, Philly bros.

*** Look, new stooge!

*** Movie theater food: Very bad.

*** The new Gotham is Pittsburgh.

*** The "Human Centipede" musical, finally.

*** Settle down, "Hangover 2" trailer.

*** Some Tina Fey love.

*** No, Affleck, no!

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That'll do it for us, kids. We're coming on a bit of a fortnight rest before the summer movies start kicking. So we'll try to sleep a lot. And remember: The key is to not think of death as an end, but as more of a very effective way to cut down on your expenses. See you Monday.