‘The Hunger Games’ Trailer Reveals a ‘Twilight’ You Don’t Have To Hate Yourself For Liking

The Projector

"The Hunger Games," whose trailer was just released by Lions Gate this morning, is striving to be the next "Twilight," a hugely successful young adult book franchise transformed into a can't-miss series of blockbusters. Anecdotally speaking, it would seem that "The Hunger Games" could conceivably have an even wider audience to market to; after all, we know some adults who enjoyed "The Hunger Games" novels, and the only adults we know who read the "Twilight" books are people we'd be afraid to invite to a dinner party. This could legitimately be the next "Twilight." We are willing to make that tradeoff.

The trailer is appropriately grand and epic, with a dystopian future that feels straight out of an old Ridley Scott movie, or a current Andrew Niccol one. And Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland and Elizabeth Banks make some fun walkon appearances. But this is all about how Jennifer Lawrence comes off as Katniss Everdeen, and we gotta say, she looks tough and fierce and appropriately rock-jawed for the job. You can have your Bella Swan. We'll take our teen heroines sprinting and fighting and shooting bows-and-arrows, thank you very much.

The movie's out March 23, 2012. By the time it comes out, you'll be sick of hearing about it. Now, though: It almost seems fresh.

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