‘Hunger Games’ Star Shows Off ‘Stanky’ Dance

Michael Krumboltz
Movie Talk

Jack Quaid, son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, demonstrated one his unique talents at the "Hunger Games" premiere.

Quaid, who plays Marvel in the hotly anticipated movie, demonstrated "the stanky leg" dance for Michael Yo and Amy Paffrath on the black carpet. The move, which is perfect for weddings and bar mitzvahs, consists of swishing one's legs back and forth and putting one's dignity aside.

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While Quaid busted his moves, interviewer Amy Paffrath commented that the move resembled "the butterfly." Quaid agreed, and then a moment later admitted that he had no idea what the butterfly was. Kids today. Bet he doesn't know what a telegraph is, either.

Quaid also spoke a bit about his audition process for "The Hunger Games." Quaid said that he was led into a room where he saw a table with three Nerf-like weapons. "Choose your weapon," commanded the auditioner. For the record, Quaid chose the fake knife.

[Video: Watch the entire red carpet premiere]

And while the entire thing is a huge deal for Quaid, he says he has his friends to keep him from getting an ego. One of his highlights from the big premiere including hanging out with his roommate, who isn't shy about making fun of his soon-to-be famous buddy, Jack.

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